Mayor Irvin Receives National Award For Advocacy for Small Businesses

AURORA, IL - Aurora Mayor Richard C. Irvin has been named the national recipient of the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) 2019 Small Business Advocate Award. Each year, the USCM selects a recipient from among its 1,400 member-mayors who has publicly and consistently supported small businesses and serves as a model for other communities. “Mayor Irvin has demonstrated his commitment and support of small business in Aurora by creating a business-friendly environment for businesses to grow and prosper,” said Jeffrey Bean, USCM spokesman. “His efforts have helped many new entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams and start a business.” Representatives from the United States Conference of Mayors came from Washington D.C. to Aurora recently to present Mayor Irvin with the award and to salute Aurora’s business community for its consistent growth and development.

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