Chamber Member SpotLight: MaMaw's Kitchen Food Truck...Mmm Good!

Meighan Cole is no stranger to entrepreneurship "Systemprenuer" Foster Kid to CEO Empowerment Professional Life Coach started a non-emergency medical transport business, Connection Through Mobile, in 2013. In 2014, she opened a non-profit version of the business which gave free rides to elderly and wheelchair accessible clients get to their critical medical appointments. Both have been impacted by COVID-19 due to the population it serves: we are seeking to reopen our doors in 2021. COVID19 has been challenging with lots of twist and turns. This is when Meighan said it was time to let her creative juices flow and have some family fun & that's where MaMaw's Kitchen began! I believe in family legacy and traditions that will last a lifetime so it was only right to get my family onboard for this venture.

In April, 2019, when she decided to pursue a fast food business with her son Carion Hale, mother Andrea Cole, sister Rachel Moore-Rickette, Chris Martin & Anthony Bailey.

Both Meighan and Rachel have extensive experience in the restaurant business, Andrea having her culinary arts degree and Carion love for cooking and being in culinary arts vocational program during highschool. Rachel learned all aspects of the restaurant business from her family’s famous restaurant in Chicago. Meighan has always hosted large family events and loves getting family together to cook good food with her late mother Andrea, son Carion Hale & family. Her first experience in the restaurant world was with Popeyes. Meighan will attest, “Chicken is my best friend.” Their plan was to feature fried chicken and other and other southern foods infused with Chicago flavors at a restaurant in Aurora. We worked with several resources to develop a business plan and were in the process of trying to find funding and the right location when COVID hit. Between the challenges of financing, location, and now a pandemic, it seemed like their plan for a restaurant was not going to happen. But the family experience with entrepreneurship taught them to be patient, and that paid off when the perfect opportunity materialized. The owner of a food trailer who was transitioning to retirement offered them a full turnkey mobile kitchen at a fantastic price. The deal included everything from fryers to silverware to ventilation. They were able to purchase the whole operation without financing talking about a pivotal moment in a downturn season. MaMaw’s Kitchen Jammin Mammas “Authentic southern cooking infused with Chi-Town flavors” include Chicago Style hotdogs, Red Velvet funnel cake, Italian Beef, deep fried oreo's, and of course fried chicken! They also offer vegan options as well! “The feeling of getting our baby off the ground and coming together during a pandemic in 2020 has been EPIC!” states Meighan. “Our family food truck DUO “MaMaw’s Kitchen Jammin Mammas” will be serving the best food in town, that’s for sure. It was our vision, our dream, but most of all it was God’s Plan. We dedicate our Grand Opening to Meighan’s late mother Andrea Monique Cole who suddenly passed away August 16, 2020. Momma Andrea held alot of the recipes in her vault and passed them down to her MaMaw’s Kitchen Jammin daughter's!” You will find these Jammin Mammas cooking up good food in MaMaw’s Kitchen food truck at their location at Chicago Premium Outlet Mall Aurora IL parked back by Saks Fifth. They will be participating in Food Truck Fridays every Friday in Downtown Aurora and have plans to come to Plano and surrounding areas in the near future. MaMaw’s Kitchen is available for Birthday Parties, Backyard parties or other special events. Catering and Home Delivery is available.

You can find them on Facebook or Instagram, or call (630) 551-8046 or email

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