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WinTrust Bank Continues To Serve The Business Community With A Quality Leader

This article is a re-post from 2022.

Lorena Labastida

Wintrust Bank is one of the largest banks in the United States, operating chartered community banks in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Located at 2287 W. Galena Boulevard, Aurora Bank and Trust has been under the Wintrust umbrella since its opening in 2016.

The Aurora Bank and Trust is a branch of the Saint Charles Bank and Trust Company N.A., a Wintrust Community Bank, whose “your neighborhood is our neighborhood” credo is a constant across the Wintrust family of banks serving its patrons and communities for a quarter-century.

Like the Wintrust Bank, the Aurora Bank and Trust's mission statement asserts a scope and ambitious proclamation that has wide-ranging appeal to its customers, the community, and employees. Yet, please make no mistake about the employees' phenomenal dedication and diligence that consistently support the mission.

As a Wintrust Community Bank family member, Aurora Bank and Trust are ideal for the Aurora community. Just as Wintrust Bank has shown for more than twenty-five years, the Aurora Bank and Trust is a proven alternative to the big financial institutions. As a community bank, it supports and invests in the Aurora community, and in doing so, offers confidence that the customer’s money remains local to invest in the things that matter to patrons, and the wider community.

Reliability, convenience, and ability to provide banking solutions to meet customer needs are the Aurora Bank and Trust hallmarks. By consistently going above and beyond to help customers achieve their personal financial goals and offer solutions to businesses, Aurora Bank and Trust is a proven asset to the community because it invests in the people, businesses, and community. The investment includes a cadre of banking professionals who work here, serve on local boards, and volunteer for local organizations. Working hard to better the community is something that generates an enormous amount of pride.

Ask around, and what you’re likely to hear from friends and neighbors is that Aurora Bank and Trust works extra hard to earn the confidence and loyalty of its patrons. Realizing that it’s essential to get to know customer needs Aurora Bank and Trust is considered an asset because of its offering of banking products, excellent service, and investing in areas that give back, and address the things that matter most to the community.

Former Vice President-Branch Manager Lorena Labastida (now Senior Vice President) presides over the day-to-day operations, she and the entire Aurora Bank and Trust family are dedicated to the effort to offer community banking where relationship bankers know their customers by name. No one knows better about how the bank invest in the neighborhood that it calls home than Labastida. Commenting on Aurora Bank and Trust commitment to its customers, and the community Labastida said, “We invest and give back to the community we live, serve and work because we are part of it. We strive to make a difference every day. Our customers are our priority, and we provide personalized service of a true community bank.”


Anthony Stanford, who was named the 2014 Outstanding African-American of the Year by the Aurora African-American Heritage Advisory Board, is a columnist and author of the book "Homophobia in the Black Church: How Faith, Politics and Fear Divide the Black Community."


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